Lamorinda Solar specializes in thermal solar systems for the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide solar systems to heat pools for residences as well as commercial buildings. If you would like to heat your pool, we provide excellent quality panels installed by our trained technicians with over 65 years of combined field experience. Lamorinda Solar also installs thermal solar systems for commercial applications. Companies that use large amounts of hot water can save thousands of dollars with a thermal solar system.


Established in 1981.

Mark Frey the Owner Operator has been in the Solar Industry for over 34 years. Designing,Selling, and Installing Thermal Solar Heating Systems for Swimming Pools,and Domestic Hot Water for Residential and Commercial applications. Mark believes dealing directly with the owner with no salesman and no gimmicks just straight knowledgeable talk from the expert is why Lamorinda Solar is the number-one choice for quality and service in the East Bay.

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