Accessory Dwelling Unit, Garage Conversion, In Law Units, New Living Space! California laws have recently changed to make permitting easier so you can use your garage as a new modern living space called an “Accessory Dwelling Unit” (ADU). The time to act is NOW: It’s a great time to get in on the new movement. Building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) on your property or transforming your garage into a new rental unit has never been smarter or more affordable. New legislation’s are in your favor, including easier parking requirements and lower utility costs. Available financing: With Llumetec’s expertise and eco-friendly design, your ADU may qualify for up to 100% financing using one of our many secured and unsecured loan providers. Let one of our friendly experts determine if your home qualifies. Choose from one of our pre-designed floor plans which are made to maximize every corner of your new small home! We take care of the design, architecture, permitting, material procurement and installation of your project. We also specialize in residential and commercial solar system installations and have a dedicated division within our company for all your solar needs. With years of experience our team has overseen the installation of thousands of projects throughout CA including solar battery back up systems.


Established in 2015.

Our company was established in 2015 when a group of industry leading executives came together to form the firm. With over a decade of experience growing some of the largest construction companies in the State, our team has established PSG Construction as an industry leader and pioneer of building energy efficient accessory dwelling units and other renewable energy products throughout California.